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July 6, 2013


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Thanks All around + features

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 9:57 AM
Hey everyone It's been awhile!
WOW! I haven't updated my journal in 5 months so sorry for being late but I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive of the work I do and many thanks for sharing your amazing work as well that inspire me.

Due to the tremendeous  kindness of mysterious / unknown deviant, thank you very much for the 3 month premium subscription.  I am in the middle of a freelance project, but once it's done, I can't wait to try out the fun perks of this subscription! I have been blessed with your thoughtful gift!
Here are my features of my good friends in DA. You all deserve with love after what you have done for me! Feel free check out their work here as well as on their page and in their gallery:

-- Little Love -- by AshleyxBrooke-- Cold Hands Warm Hearts -- by AshleyxBrooke-- Little Red Wagon -- by AshleyxBrookeAshleyxBrooke
The business of looking for a wife by jamberry-songOrange Rococo by jamberry-songPour Vous Maxime by jamberry-songjamberry-song
Realm of Selador by LeichenengelCiCi and the Fairy Dance by LeichenengelWinter Blues by LeichenengelLeichenengel
Long Pose Study by justsomedude86Ellie Sleeping by justsomedude86Hansel and Gretel Enviroment 3 by justsomedude86 justsomedude86
Blue Rose - Commission 3 of 3 by ACreativeKittenI see you by ACreativeKittenMelancholy - In Color by ACreativeKitten ACreativeKitten
Fire flower by DeadLightBulbMnimaiaCrazy apples by DeadLightBulbMnimaiaLook at my eyes by DeadLightBulbMnimaiaDeadLightBulbMnimaia
<da:thumb id="366423575"/><da:thumb id="336227215"/><da:thumb id="331995218"/>Natsume-Senpai
Publimetrokiss by AllyntuLick the cookie by AllyntuI see you by AllyntuAllyntu
Sonic the Hedgehog 03 by CrabamoustacheSonic the Hedgehog 02 by CrabamoustacheLil' Sonic by CrabamoustacheCrabamoustache
Safe with meI'll help to stop the bleeding,
I'll wipe the tears from your face,
I'll listen to all the cries you scream in desperation,
and I'll come to you immediately when I hear the words "I need you".
Life can be painful,
that pain is made even greater when you look over your shoulder and see no one,
but you don't have to worry about that,
I'll be there when the world starts to rain down on you,
I don't mind getting wet.
As long as I'm beside you you'll never have to endure anything alone.
I'm here for you.
My dearMy dear,
if we get lost walking this path called love,
I trust the stars in your heart to lead me back to you.
We belong together; we always have
I think Heaven knew this before we did.
Now's the time for our hearts to blossom,
and our love to fill the earth.
My dear,
summer has arrived and so have we.
Perfect loveYou are my sweet honey,
and my light in the blackest of nights.
What would it be like without you to warm my insides?
Or what would life be like without your smile?
Too painful for words.
The day of autumn when you called my name,
I never felt happier.
I didn't want us to leave.
I didn't want those blessed eyes to stop looking at me.
I didn't want the glow of your angelic beauty to ever go from me.
Don't you know my love for you goes higher than the stars?
The day of autumn was crisp and clear with leaves in the breeze,
a fitting day to say I'm in love with you.
Last First Kiss by Minato-KushinaMina by Minato-KushinaGirl in her pink room by Minato-KushinaMinato-Kushina
sketch - 30 by zio-sansketch - 28 by zio-sansketch - 27 by zio-sanzio-san
Audrey by vast-blueVibrancy by vast-blueMarch of the Yacht Club by vast-bluevast-blue
Perspective? by ffleretSwords1 by ffleretFlag by ffleretffleret
InuHalfDemon - Art Trade 1 by SolarLunixSupremex2 - Gift 1 by SolarLunixLilly pads by SolarLunixSolarLunix
L-O-V-E by B0nkersConspiracy by B0nkersB0nkers
I love pink. by NicolasSarkozyStamps are art. by NicolasSarkozyRainbow Pulse 2 by NicolasSarkozyLovestruck by NicolasSarkozyNicolasSarkozy
Patience by HarmonicSonicDon't give up. by HarmonicSonicI love repeat visitors by HarmonicSonicFlaming is Bullying by HarmonicSonicHarmonicSonic
Glasgow Cemetery by PuzzledHeartBoxEdradour Distillery - 3 by PuzzledHeartBox LingerAs a fleeting lover's kiss
Grace tender lips
With satin touch
And ruby red gloss
Fashionably late
As the kiss lingers
Remains mesmerizing for
But a brief moment
Of newfound bliss
Such tenderness
Bottled Hope by sweir17Digger by sweir17DSC 0403 by sweir17sweir17
The HeartThe heart knows
Pain, sadness
But most of all
Love, compassion,
It knows good and evil.
Right from wrong.
But it does not
Care to choose
One or the
The heart can break
Into bitter pieces
But it can be strong,
It does not know when to
Mother's DayMother's Day
Is just another day
In which I am alone in an envious haze.
Another painstaking reminder
That you are no longer here.
I hope, wish, pray
For your return but
Where you are there is no coming back.
In my life I have not spent one
Mother's Day with you
And it rips my heart knowing
There will never be a day nor holiday
I can spend with you.
A day of worship
Becomes a day of dispair, of grieving,
Leaving a sense on longing.
In school we used to write about our dear mother's;
I was the only one who was left with blank pages splashed with tears.
Mother's Day
Is just a day dream for me
Where I am lost inside my mind
Wishful thinking rather.
Perhaps at the end of the rainbow
There would be my sweet mother with her captivating smile
That haunts my dreams in the wee hours of the night.
Instead of flowers, cards, and chocolate
All you get is a visit from me at your grave
Every couple of years
For I cannot muster up enough courage to see you.
Mother's Day
Is just another day you see...
Inside The FoldsFingertips inside the folds
Like a flower, burst of color.
Pink flesh bleeding
Mind racing
Body pacing
Yet still as can be.
Lost inside the sheets
Musty with man
Sweetness of bitch
Sweat rolls down back
Leaving innards in tact
Attacking the heart
Lost in tug of war
Body craving touches
While mind screaming.
Constant turning
Stomach churning
I cannot let go
Be free.
Heaving of breast
Is this a test?
Smile within a smile
Fold within a fold
Rain droplets forming
Across smooth surface.
Eyes shut tight
Vision of lights
You are but a blur
That I crave more to feel.
Blue Horizons by Maleficus-AnimusSeascape by Maleficus-AnimusSimulated Fractal - Sawblade Votex by Maleficus-AnimusMaleficus-Animus
Let Me Have a Little Taste of You by bear48We are Going Home Guy by bear48Smiletiki4 by bear48bear48
Songbird by J1StarNew Leaf by J1StarCativerse by J1StarJ1Star
Top of Brownie Cake by DeathbypuddleEaster Cake Pop by DeathbypuddleHeathy Granola Bars by DeathbypuddleDeathbypuddle
Flamingo by UntilForever-PhotosCamera Shy by UntilForever-PhotosAutumn Ablaze by UntilForever-PhotosUntilForever-Photos
Let Go by LilithPhotographyNo Need for Hiding by LilithPhotographyTake Control by LilithPhotographyLilithPhotography
Toady! Along the shore. by purplemusic-B-oxInnocence and Cherry Blossoms by purplemusic-B-oxCM: Chibi Izka by purplemusic-B-oxpurplemusic-B-ox
Spring Once Again by SarahJPhotographyPale Afternoon by SarahJPhotographyIn The Garden by SarahJPhotographySarahJPhotography
Sheffield Town Hall by farand<da:thumb id="333150148"/>Packed Up by farandfarand
Forgotten Memories Journal CSS by SimplySilentBlue Lace Journal CSS by SimplySilentSimplicity Journal Skin CSS by SimplySilentSimplySilent
The luminous light. by KINAMATIXMosque. by KINAMATIXThe bokeh. by KINAMATIXKINAMATIX
Fragile Flowers by Puppies22401Diamonds by Puppies22401Crows in a Tree by Puppies22401Puppies22401
Apo 3D - Motion Blur by psion005Apo 3D - Sink Hole by psion005Apo 3D-Down the Rabbit Hole by psion005psion005
Mizuchi by depazCentipede by depazLife Depot by depazdepaz
Iris by Painted-NightmaresSea Nettle by Painted-NightmaresBachelor Button by Painted-Nightmares Painted-Nightmares
Cer. by DarkJazmin11CuteJazzyOc. by DarkJazmin11Top of the Mountain4. by DarkJazmin11DarkJazmin11
Metamorphosis Henna Nov 2011 by A-w0manHenna Eid ul Azha Nov 2011 by A-w0manItsy Bitsy Henna by A-w0manA-w0man
Leslie Irvine Graphic Design: Logo by LazlaarHammer Innovations: Logo Process by LazlaarRain Cityscape: Logo and Business Card by LazlaarLazlaar
Cookies 3 by xxcaramelxxChocolate Waffles by xxcaramelxxCookies 2 by xxcaramelxxxxcaramelxx
Birds by SomethingAboutEve93 days of summer. The end. by SomethingAboutEveRafal Wojaczek by SomethingAboutEveSomethingAboutEve
Rawfractal11 by Quie-ScentJulian Fans2 by Quie-ScentPure Julian by Quie-ScentQuie-Scent
Sunset by SaitouuRyuujiRosebud by SaitouuRyuujiPeeking sun by SaitouuRyuujiSaitouuRyuuji
Rawr! I am a turtle! by NekoMarikEmo Kitty Friend by NekoMarikDoily-Topped Goodie Jars by NekoMarikNekoMarik
<da:thumb id="380372529"/><da:thumb id="383121473"/>Woman2 by SteedAngusSteedAngus
Froggy Thing. by kizgothDipstick by kizgothSeagull - In Flight by kizgothkizgoth
Random doodle.. by pate121Tree by pate121Yellow Tulips... by pate121devpate121:
Smile for the camera by AkelamoonstoneRed Beauty by AkelamoonstoneFreedom by Akelamoonstone
Not like the others by CedaCoDedication by CedaCoTroepfchen II by CedaCoCedaCo
Gotta throw 'em all, Forgotten Pokeballs! by MyBurningEyesBellikinis logo by MyBurningEyesFirst 3D attempt: Pokeballs by MyBurningEyes
Me by girlofhearts101Lindsey by girlofhearts101ChibiMaker by girlofhearts101girlofhearts101
Snowy landscape by 89floL'ange by 89floL'ange africain by 89flo89flo
Selfie by turbulentoastHarley and Ivy by turbulentoastdread the day when dreaming ends by turbulentoastturbulentoast
The portrait project 6 by SecretSunriseTribute for AshleyxBrooke by SecretSunriseCricket for good luck by SecretSunriseSecretSunrise
Daffodil On Fire by Kitteh-PawzTear Drops by Kitteh-PawzGorgeous Selection of Pansies by Kitteh-PawzKitteh-Pawz
Untitled by PetiteChik|~Poise~| by PetiteChik|~Curls~| by PetiteChikPetiteChik
Inhale by AstrikosAmorphis by AstrikosSadie by AstrikosAstrikos
Such deep blue by lecairdeBe calm by lecairdeGlorious by lecairdelecairde
BBQ by MaePhotography2010Fresh Fruit Pancakes II by MaePhotography2010Sushi II by MaePhotography2010MaePhotography2010
Cranberry flavor II by NattywLovely doughnuts I by NattywCranberry flavor by NattywNattyw
Firestorm by BMCreationsLion God - King of Worlds by BMCreationsSea Shell by BMCreationsBMCreations
Black Hole by calebvoorheesDaenerys Targaryen by calebvoorheesDracula by calebvoorheescalebvoorhees
Jar of eyeballs by BunnyGirl150Googly hat by BunnyGirl150Fleye by BunnyGirl150BunnyGirl150
rose by IokoThePandaChuuu~ by IokoThePandamy new icon X3 by IokoThePandaIokoThePanda
Frozen by BushaquaTales of Time: Mavis in Wonderland by BushaquaPredicament of mermaid! by BushaquaBushaqua
6373 by Li-ssuvesipisarat by Li-ssusiluetti by Li-ssuLi-ssu

my  best buddy in DA: Royce-Barber :huggle:

more features to come on my next journal! Have a great week!

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Skin by Kjherstin (modified by VintageWarmth)
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Royce-Barber Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2013
Eka my best dA buddy!! Thank you sooo much for your sweet encouraging words!! WOW you put a lot of work into this huuuge art feature! AMAZING art!! 
Nosebleed Love cat icon Neko Kid - emoticon Cat blob 
VintageWarmth Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013   General Artist
haha! you've always are a huge fan of irresistible cuteness lol. Everytime I see your comments, they made me happy when i was grumpy.
NekoMarik Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh! Lovely selection! And thank you! :blush::huggle:
bear48 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Professional
thank you dear lady

been out of pocket but now I am back
Leichenengel Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
awhhhh thank you soooo much :huggle:
Quie-Scent Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the feature!
PuzzledHeartBox Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
Thank you kindly for the :+fav: it's much appreciated.
You've got some interesting works up here.
PetiteChik Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
Thanks a lot girl! :iconlittleheartplz:
CedaCo Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013
Aww, thank you so much, Erika :hug: I feel honored!
jamberry-song Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Professional General Artist
Awh! Thank you SO much!! :love: :cuddle: :love:
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