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Artist of the Month + Features

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 2, 2015, 5:05 PM
Hi everyone! Due to heavy snowstorm this week, i hope everyone will stay warm & safe sound.

This Journal Features of work of art of my talented fellow artist, rainylake

I find beauty and a sense of tranquility in each of them that awaken my senses. Thanks for sharing your great art that inspires us. keep on rocking.

Feel free to check  her gallery:

Fresh Fruit by rainylakePeekaboo by rainylakeThinking by rainylakePygmy Falcon by rainylakeFully Submerged by rainylakePanda by rainylakeFairytale by rainylakeCherry by rainylakeSleeping by rainylakePeacock by rainylakePika Appears! by rainylake

Additional features:Lovely Work! by PurpleInk777

Red Vinyl Cut with Exacto Knife by arielniweihuangTogether Forever by VisualPoetressGarden of Roses by behindinfinityStrawberry Cake by TimosabyChocolate Jello Bites by claremansonOverwhelming redness by shatinnRose VI by GreenMusic4 Red Candles by Blood-Huntressmask in red satin by lisadanimerMy First Bliss by 500HeavensSpanish Rose earrings by TheBrassGlassRed Wine by momoclaxBloody Red Riding Hood by ErikBachorecKurama by sarahhiteLaser Heart by BaselMahmoudAlanna Zorn Palette Study by LandscapistCP Rose by mbeckettcloser by ciukyLady of Roses by Leichenengel... by AndoradaDramira and Tristan by MirageMariMacro Rose pink by DevchonkaLuckyDreamy Love by Zindyheart with red waves square by DieffiLady Jessica by LeSweetiesARTall I wanted was you. by iAmoretIntimacy by WinterWood91.:: Always love ::. by Whimsical-DreamsGolden Lights by bibarryMelian Rose on black by MelianOfMistCircles (sketch) by Absur-DA Belated Happy Birthday to Candace by 1001GEpic fail ... yeah, it happens ... by JeanneDeauxTower of London by MaePhotography2010Rose by RhynWilliamsHalo Heart by JenFruzzmariage8 by GenevieveAlbertRomantic Cyborg by GiuseppeParisiTogether II by ItiaWaiting for You by SharingMyDreamsPrinted by SuicideBySafetyPinThe perfect kiss by ZindySaito and Kiyomi Wedding by Natsume-SenpaiLong Pose Study by justsomedude86Swan 1 by DonutSalad20140403 Ballerina by PetersonPhotosVintage Warmth by BushaquaHeart Beat by dinodude411Lonely Pink Tulip by Kitteh-PawzKuss by Zeitzeugin-- Blizzard 0f 2015 -- by AshleyxBrookesilent evening by hail-the-obliviousValentine by TheBrassGlassRed Rose by ultimatepandabossSunset 2 by calgarcDreadful Dark by dreadfuldarkPhoenix Scale Full Persian Nickel Silver Necklace by chef-chadThe Swan by MaddMediadomino heart by dominofan0803heART by George-B-ArtGlowing Balls 5 by AH-KaiRed Blood Cell by Ax38Wedded by NeiotPhantom Flower by MuteStormRose Glasses Case by pinkythepinkCardinal Pair by barcon53Snow White and Red Rose... by LeafyIreneSprays by tiganusiDD 05 by JuvenileMoppetSculpt2 by Royce-BarberManikins_01 by LuLupooSilverware by TechShiftZeirohot by Enigmapsychesuppose to be purple by crazygardenerOn Our Couch by rhythmicStarsKedian - Spirit of the Flight by KhaliaArtRed Tribal Earrings by AlleyKat666#007 by essnbee.heart by NitrousPelicanPoint Commiss - Kitten by AikaArfeinielStrong by EstherellaAmbrosia by DaemareLady in Red by KmyGraphicWoman Red Dress1 by theanonymousheartAnother sunset by qwstarplayerPretty Pink by Ronin-Sensei2014-11-17 21.41.46 by Avaria-KinbaneGolden Roses by Michelle1142008 family portrait by josemanchadoRed Rose 2 by sugendranRose by Kumu18love77 by GenevieveAlbertKiss Me One Last Time by Kumu18Rose by Acacia13Another Flower Blooms by SDRPhotography Perfect loveYou are my sweet honey,
and my light in the blackest of nights.
What would it be like without you to warm my insides?
Or what would life be like without your smile?
Too painful for words.
The day of autumn when you called my name,
I never felt happier.
I didn't want us to leave.
I didn't want those blessed eyes to stop looking at me.
I didn't want the glow of your angelic beauty to ever go from me.
Don't you know my love for you goes higher than the stars?
The day of autumn was crisp and clear with leaves in the breeze,
a fitting day to say I'm in love with you.
Sunset by aiyoshiClouds and trees by rokiczaTroy and EyeQon 1 by KenCentauriCommunion by LaartistaRoses by SaitouuRyuujiRed Sunset by SIG442That one sunset by Kinky-SlingyRose in the City 4 by DoveAngel8Fall by 7ance7eeUntrustworthy by onceuponalenseJus tried Photography! by Avishjosephmy first portrait drawing. by anizza19Audrey Hepburn by luffywowSunset1. by DarkJazmin11Crystal x Rai by kattugglanCosmic Rose by ZeroLiverCause there is fault in our stars ......(Pencil) by ShinzaKJosh and Bekuh 5 by Planet-HLittle Red Riding Hood by Thor-iumAutumn rose by kageneko3Wild Love by RiccastiVampire Daniela-Seduction by PetiteChikDark wet metal reflection by TimMeowUntitled by uncbearsThe work-day ends by hell-on-a-stickValentina C.Upid 4 ROTG by gummybeargirl1313Roses by charmierunningmermaids by GerdaKasbrotWedding Stories-4 by HoKosToPoppies Mother's day - card by Cocciswedding by bluexspacejust kiss by gutyerrezLove Is... by Red--RosesQueen's Kiss by Lancerey[2] by DaynaEMCraigMermaid by Goran-AlenaRed shades of Camo by friends-are-4ever2White and Pink Rose by Painted-NightmaresPurple Sunset by SouhanRed Hope by Bryd013Glittering Red by AmberLynnLthe kiss by jking1972Separation by autogestionSeraphim by rosiemayBHopeless Romantic Stamp by silber-engleinAnd we're alone, love by HopesOnAirSparkle No1 by bexaKISS by HOONInsert Food For Love by CassidyPetersonRomantic Stuff by MaruLovesStampsMua! by wheresthepizzaSandra by Traumiaautumn kiss by adeliinaV.I III by DabadusLa Masque de Craindre by Druideachtgato . boo by smokedvalLu+Sav by PYFFr_01 by LelleanDesert Delight by deaddarkness2291 BSS Elijah + 2158 Dark Zebra- Breeding Pictur by SydsAnchorlessStudioRed by littleneonlilySunset by LethalKittenWedding Rings by cforsytheWedding by raulsouzaThe Ocean Diamond by giladTangled Ever After - Rapunzel Wedding by ubodanBeach Scene by ClassySecretAgentRed by heminderFlowers by ChinWolfPirate: Call of the sea by J1Star[SHOP] AMR- RED QUEEN by BATP0NI Just Need Some Fine Wine... by dilsoncassaroGlass Heart Pendant Number 3 by copperreinBubbly Rose by FauxHeadbrides smile by bwaworgaHand in hand by richardwesnerI was too far from you by LuthiaeOur secret space at will by IndieChild19Untitled 963 by roninnurenEmbrace by pbird12Intimacy by pbird12A Pretty Rose by AmandaTaylorConfident lips. by limelinMothers day bouquet IV by azieserStrike Me In The Heart by VampireJakuone strange kiss couple by ElenoreLoretje2Red Rose by BonelosLOVE by DeadLightBulbMnimaiaHappy Valentines Day by kizgothlove life by I-SHOOT-RAW-PHOTOS-I breathe your touch in dreams- by naiyaparkashGhost of Intimity by An0riaJust a little kiss by ZoranPhotoAM Valentine's Special by cupcake-studioYou're my dream... by LatoyiaOne more love story by anndrComing to Fruition by FDLphotoAnke and Warren 1 by luvsinspirationI'm your echo by paulisaKiss by MirkoStoedter[CE] Love by MikomiKisomiSophie and Howl by DessinmaitreLovers by IamRocio

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Happy Birthday JenFruzz + Additional Features

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 7:54 AM

Hi everyone! I do hope everyone is having a great week and get ready for festive holidays soon!

Today it's  JenFruzz 's birthday so please give a warm birthday greeting to her & feel free to check her gallery! Happy birthday Jen! More birthdays to come! A great friend like you is more priceless than diamonds. Happy Birthday Jen Fruzz by George-B-Art

It’s my goal to make sure your  birthday is one of the most special days ever. Take care  always, besty and keep on rocking.  

Ornament by JenFruzzA Dance of Flames by JenFruzzRibbons 2 by JenFruzzCranberry Mousse by JenFruzzChristmas 121013 by JenFruzzChristmas2 121013 by JenFruzzA Minty Kiss by JenFruzzNeeds Some Milk by JenFruzz

Additional  features:
Day 9 by phydeauWoot Goods by toba122Building a dominoproject first-person perspective by dominofan0803Happy Cyber-Valentine! by DigiFuMasternitori sitting on a mushroom by NaoappleTake a photo, make it bleed. by justsomedude86Puca by bear48How To See The World by CanankkHi! by AndoradaSparks can also fly by stichesBodyBagTtagsLampWork Glass Work 7 by glass-studioLove by SUNNYNARULA18Frozen : Elsa by kelogsloopsKandinsky Tree by CaldoRosaLight by sarahhite-- Happy Holidays 2014-- by AshleyxBrookeOrange Fire by Kitteh-PawzDen Vintern by dreadfuldarkKaguya Hime by cakerollKedian - Spirit of the Flight by KhaliaArtSunsetting 3 by ThrashingZombieWinter Hope by HappehPillsChristmas Pomegranate I by tolecnaLtable dogwood tree by crazygardenerSunshine by AkelamoonstoneSlabs Of Colors by CoolCatHenryGlowing Balls 6 by AH-KaiVegetarian Lime Orzo by MaddMediaCircle Space by awkward0001Shine On by RavensauraPink Shell and Copper Bracelet by chef-chadTeapots by raBBitdemonLandscape2 Beach by Danilov89:thumb473385964:Nana Komatsu Merry Christmas by Purplepaige59Christmas Flower by George-B-ArtTrade1: Elouise and Blackie by Lola-in-the-BlackChristmas 2012 by Jay-LawPractice Flowers by CreativegreeneyesPublimetrokiss by Allyntuhappy by CommonMimeBleach - Holiday Card Project 2014 Entry by XxEatSleepRage18XxIKR by Mercy4You2Live0VintageWarmth in Anime Form by ZombieKittyStudio TearsHonest tears are emotion universally translated;
Expressed naturally without thought, and meaning unanimously related.
insect marco by theanonymousheartSpringtime by Twini-ArtChristmas card by African-AmberIcon by KeptrashrikeggHDR1386 by The-EggButterflies Around a Flower by ultimatepandabossThe smartest motherfu**er that ever lived by LilardedLove can appear anywhere by MirabelleLeaf31Maddash - Out of the Element by YveoNorth Cascades by Neiotdespicable nativity by plasmid1Painted Wooden Board-Three fish by JadasArtVisionlights on by maciek04City Lights by AmbrosePhoenixNight time stroll by SemioticPhotographyDowntown Littleton Colorado by uncbearsHalloween PUG by SnazzyDoodleWarm Hug [Gift] by MamaELMMoon by TheBrassGlass:thumb491875635:So Many Pusheen by BlackShot96XDAs long as it lasts by limelinCeltic sun wallpaper by J1StarSanta Claus by MYPeanutGalleryFreefall by dinodude411Pishi's Cheesecake by NekoMarik8bit Relaxation by SotherinFish by mattloweartSteps To Paradise by IridescentFaerie16.11.2014 Listen to the tree by Gabriel-s-Wings:thumb500712466:Mrs. Claus [Santarina] by pinkythepinkSummer's Yearnings by weroni

Happy Early Holidays everyone!

Hi everyone! I would like to let you know that I am safe. I honestly I currently living in New Jersey but I was born in the Philippines. My family and relatives are living in Manila in Luzon (the typhoon hit the middle part of the country - Visayas) so they should be okay since we do have a couple of relatives who are on the southern tip of Luzon. Thanks everyone for sending me a note. Don't worry we are okay.

To all my international friends out there, please let us help the victims of this devastating typhoon ravaging Southern Philippines. 
They are urgently need all the help they can get. I appreciate your act of kindness/geneority.  Feel free to donate to the Philippine Red Cross to help the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan

You will deserve with love & good karma.


Thanks All around + features

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 6, 2013, 9:57 AM
Hey everyone It's been awhile!
WOW! I haven't updated my journal in 5 months so sorry for being late but I would like to thank everyone for being so supportive of the work I do and many thanks for sharing your amazing work as well that inspire me.

Due to the tremendeous  kindness of mysterious / unknown deviant, thank you very much for the 3 month premium subscription.  I am in the middle of a freelance project, but once it's done, I can't wait to try out the fun perks of this subscription! I have been blessed with your thoughtful gift!
Here are my features of my good friends in DA. You all deserve with love after what you have done for me! Feel free check out their work here as well as on their page and in their gallery:

-- Little Love -- by AshleyxBrooke-- Cold Hands Warm Hearts -- by AshleyxBrooke-- Little Red Wagon -- by AshleyxBrookeAshleyxBrooke
The business of looking for a wife by TheBrassGlassOrange Rococo by TheBrassGlassPour Vous Maxime by TheBrassGlassTheBrassGlass
Realm of Selador by LeichenengelCiCi and the Fairy Dance by LeichenengelWinter Blues by LeichenengelLeichenengel
Long Pose Study by justsomedude86Ellie Sleeping by justsomedude86Hansel and Gretel Enviroment 3 by justsomedude86 justsomedude86
Blue Rose - Commission 3 of 3 by ACreativeKittenI see you by ACreativeKittenMelancholy - In Color by ACreativeKitten ACreativeKitten
Fire flower by DeadLightBulbMnimaiaCrazy apples by DeadLightBulbMnimaiaLook at my eyes by DeadLightBulbMnimaiaDeadLightBulbMnimaia
<da:thumb id="366423575"/><da:thumb id="336227215"/><da:thumb id="331995218"/>Natsume-Senpai
Publimetrokiss by AllyntuLick the cookie by AllyntuI see you by AllyntuAllyntu
Sonic the Hedgehog 03 by CrabamoustacheSonic the Hedgehog 02 by CrabamoustacheLil' Sonic by CrabamoustacheCrabamoustache
Safe with meI'll help to stop the bleeding,
I'll wipe the tears from your face,
I'll listen to all the cries you scream in desperation,
and I'll come to you immediately when I hear the words "I need you".
Life can be painful,
that pain is made even greater when you look over your shoulder and see no one,
but you don't have to worry about that,
I'll be there when the world starts to rain down on you,
I don't mind getting wet.
As long as I'm beside you you'll never have to endure anything alone.
I'm here for you.
My dearMy dear,
if we get lost walking this path called love,
I trust the stars in your heart to lead me back to you.
We belong together; we always have
I think Heaven knew this before we did.
Now's the time for our hearts to blossom,
and our love to fill the earth.
My dear,
summer has arrived and so have we.
Perfect loveYou are my sweet honey,
and my light in the blackest of nights.
What would it be like without you to warm my insides?
Or what would life be like without your smile?
Too painful for words.
The day of autumn when you called my name,
I never felt happier.
I didn't want us to leave.
I didn't want those blessed eyes to stop looking at me.
I didn't want the glow of your angelic beauty to ever go from me.
Don't you know my love for you goes higher than the stars?
The day of autumn was crisp and clear with leaves in the breeze,
a fitting day to say I'm in love with you.
Last First Kiss by Minato-KushinaMina by Minato-KushinaGirl in her pink room by Minato-KushinaMinato-Kushina
sketch - 30 by zio-sansketch - 28 by zio-sansketch - 27 by zio-sanzio-san
Audrey by vast-gingerVibrancy by vast-gingerMarch of the Yacht Club by vast-gingervast-ginger
Perspective? by ffleretSwords1 by ffleretFlag by ffleretffleret
InuHalfDemon - Art Trade 1 by SolarLunixSupremex2 - Gift 1 by SolarLunixLilly pads by SolarLunixSolarLunix
L-O-V-E by B0nkersConspiracy by B0nkersB0nkers
I love pink. by NicolasSarkozyStamps are art. by NicolasSarkozyRainbow Pulse 2 by NicolasSarkozyLovestruck by NicolasSarkozyNicolasSarkozy
Patience by HarmonicSonicDon't give up. by HarmonicSonicI love repeat visitors by HarmonicSonicFlaming is Bullying by HarmonicSonicHarmonicSonic
Glasgow Cemetery by PuzzledHeartBoxEdradour Distillery - 3 by PuzzledHeartBox LingerAs a fleeting lover's kiss
Grace tender lips
With satin touch
And ruby red gloss
Fashionably late
As the kiss lingers
Remains mesmerizing for
But a brief moment
Of newfound bliss
Such tenderness
Bottled Hope by sweir17Digger by sweir17DSC 0403 by sweir17sweir17
The HeartThe heart knows
Pain, sadness
But most of all
Love, compassion,
It knows good and evil.
Right from wrong.
But it does not
Care to choose
One or the
The heart can break
Into bitter pieces
But it can be strong,
It does not know when to
Mother's DayMother's Day
Is just another day
In which I am alone in an envious haze.
Another painstaking reminder
That you are no longer here.
I hope, wish, pray
For your return but
Where you are there is no coming back.
In my life I have not spent one
Mother's Day with you
And it rips my heart knowing
There will never be a day nor holiday
I can spend with you.
A day of worship
Becomes a day of dispair, of grieving,
Leaving a sense on longing.
In school we used to write about our dear mother's;
I was the only one who was left with blank pages splashed with tears.
Mother's Day
Is just a day dream for me
Where I am lost inside my mind
Wishful thinking rather.
Perhaps at the end of the rainbow
There would be my sweet mother with her captivating smile
That haunts my dreams in the wee hours of the night.
Instead of flowers, cards, and chocolate
All you get is a visit from me at your grave
Every couple of years
For I cannot muster up enough courage to see you.
Mother's Day
Is just another day you see...
Inside The FoldsFingertips inside the folds
Like a flower, burst of color.
Pink flesh bleeding
Mind racing
Body pacing
Yet still as can be.
Lost inside the sheets
Musty with man
Sweetness of bitch
Sweat rolls down back
Leaving innards in tact
Attacking the heart
Lost in tug of war
Body craving touches
While mind screaming.
Constant turning
Stomach churning
I cannot let go
Be free.
Heaving of breast
Is this a test?
Smile within a smile
Fold within a fold
Rain droplets forming
Across smooth surface.
Eyes shut tight
Vision of lights
You are but a blur
That I crave more to feel.
<da:thumb id="350408973"/><da:thumb id="354610541"/><da:thumb id="355675061"/>Maleficus-Animus
Let Me Have a Little Taste of You by bear48We are Going Home Guy by bear48Smiletiki4 by bear48bear48
Songbird by J1StarNew Leaf by J1StarCativerse by J1StarJ1Star
Top of Brownie Cake by DeathbypuddleEaster Cake Pop by DeathbypuddleHeathy Granola Bars by DeathbypuddleDeathbypuddle
Flamingo by UntilForever-PhotosCamera Shy by UntilForever-PhotosAutumn Ablaze by UntilForever-PhotosUntilForever-Photos
Let Go by LilithPhotographyNo Need for Hiding by LilithPhotographyTake Control by LilithPhotographyLilithPhotography
Toady! Along the shore. by purplemusic-B-oxInnocence and Cherry Blossoms by purplemusic-B-oxCM: Chibi Izka by purplemusic-B-oxpurplemusic-B-ox
Spring Once Again by SarahJPhotographyPale Afternoon by SarahJPhotographyIn The Garden by SarahJPhotographySarahJPhotography
Sheffield Town Hall by farand<da:thumb id="333150148"/>Packed Up by farandfarand
Forgotten Memories Journal CSS by SimplySilentBlue Lace Journal CSS by SimplySilentSimplicity Journal Skin CSS by SimplySilentSimplySilent
The luminous light. by KINAMATIXMosque. by KINAMATIXThe bokeh. by KINAMATIXKINAMATIX
Fragile Flowers by Puppies22401Diamonds by Puppies22401Crows in a Tree by Puppies22401Puppies22401
Apo 3D - Motion Blur by psion005Apo 3D - Sink Hole by psion005Apo 3D-Down the Rabbit Hole by psion005psion005
Mizuchi by depazCentipede by depazLife Depot by depazdepaz
Iris by Painted-NightmaresSea Nettle by Painted-NightmaresBachelor Button by Painted-Nightmares Painted-Nightmares
Cer. by DarkJazmin11CuteJazzyOc. by DarkJazmin11Top of the Mountain4. by DarkJazmin11DarkJazmin11
Metamorphosis Henna Nov 2011 by A-w0manHenna Eid ul Azha Nov 2011 by A-w0manItsy Bitsy Henna by A-w0manA-w0man
Leslie Irvine Graphic Design: Logo by LazlaarHammer Innovations: Logo Process by LazlaarRain Cityscape: Logo and Business Card by LazlaarLazlaar
Cookies 3 by xxcaramelxxChocolate Waffles by xxcaramelxxCookies 2 by xxcaramelxxxxcaramelxx
Birds by SomethingAboutEve93 days of summer. The end. by SomethingAboutEveRafal Wojaczek by SomethingAboutEveSomethingAboutEve
Rawfractal11 by Quie-ScentJulian Fans2 by Quie-ScentPure Julian by Quie-ScentQuie-Scent
Sunset by SaitouuRyuujiRosebud by SaitouuRyuujiPeeking sun by SaitouuRyuujiSaitouuRyuuji
Rawr! I am a turtle! by NekoMarikEmo Kitty Friend by NekoMarikDoily-Topped Goodie Jars by NekoMarikNekoMarik
<da:thumb id="380372529"/><da:thumb id="383121473"/>Woman2 by SteedAngusSteedAngus
Froggy Thing. by kizgothDipstick by kizgothSeagull - In Flight by kizgothkizgoth
Random doodle.. by pate121Tree by pate121Yellow Tulips... by pate121devpate121:
Smile for the camera by AkelamoonstoneRed Beauty by AkelamoonstoneFreedom by Akelamoonstone
Not like the others by CedaCoDedication by CedaCoTroepfchen II by CedaCoCedaCo
Gotta throw 'em all, Forgotten Pokeballs! by MyBurningEyesBellikinis logo by MyBurningEyesFirst 3D attempt: Pokeballs by MyBurningEyes
Me by girlofhearts101Lindsey by girlofhearts101ChibiMaker by girlofhearts101girlofhearts101
Snowy landscape by 89floL'ange by 89floL'ange africain by 89flo89flo
Selfie by turbulentoastHarley and Ivy by turbulentoastdread the day when dreaming ends by turbulentoastturbulentoast
The portrait project 6 by SecretSunriseTribute for AshleyxBrooke by SecretSunriseCricket for good luck by SecretSunriseSecretSunrise
Daffodil On Fire by Kitteh-PawzTear Drops by Kitteh-PawzGorgeous Selection of Pansies by Kitteh-PawzKitteh-Pawz
Untitled by PetiteChik|~Poise~| by PetiteChik|~Curls~| by PetiteChikPetiteChik
Inhale by AstrikosAmorphis by AstrikosSadie by AstrikosAstrikos
Such deep blue by lecairdeBe calm by lecairdeGlorious by lecairdelecairde
BBQ by MaePhotography2010Fresh Fruit Pancakes II by MaePhotography2010Sushi II by MaePhotography2010MaePhotography2010
Cranberry flavor II by NattywLovely doughnuts I by NattywCranberry flavor by NattywNattyw
Firestorm by BMarshallARTSLion God - King of Worlds by BMarshallARTSSea Shell by BMarshallARTSBMarshallARTS
Black Hole by calebvoorhees<da:thumb id="295866906"/><da:thumb id="194988472"/>calebvoorhees
<da:thumb id="381396122"/><da:thumb id="373128947"/><da:thumb id="346229513"/>IokoThePanda
Frozen by BushaquaTales of Time: Mavis in Wonderland by BushaquaPredicament of mermaid! by BushaquaBushaqua
6373 by Li-ssuvesipisarat by Li-ssusiluetti by Li-ssuLi-ssu

my  best buddy in DA: Royce-Barber :huggle:

more features to come on my next journal! Have a great week!

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A little help! (For girls only)

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 10, 2013, 6:53 PM

Hi everyone hope all is well.

I know this topic seems uneasy but I am seeking the good advice.
Sorry for my stupid question but I feel little bit worried...Have you ever had a slight fever/body malaise, back pain, migraine and lack of apetite during the red flag  or is it just me? Is this normal? I am not sure why is this happening aside from having cramps?  I took midol and hot tea, using my heating pad several times although still my symptoms persist before my bedtime

I cannot see the doctor because I am almost 27 since I don't have a health insurance yet.
So Is there any best tips to get rid of these symptoms? I appreciate your advice. No dirty remarks please. :ashamed:

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Thanks all around & I'll be inactive for weeks

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 5, 2012, 7:15 PM

This is going to be busy in life. Im going to miss the DA & missing you guys.
Thank you so much for sharing your talents, thoughtful comments & faves. Just letting you Im not be able to respond right away due to my freelance work, my driving lessons. I appreciate your support no matter what. Sorry for lack of presence so please bear with me

I will be back as soon as  I can/ whenever I have freetime.

special thanks to my great friend Royce-Barber for non stop support. Feel free check his gallery!

I love you guys!


newborn baby arrived.

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 2, 2011, 7:46 PM

Im so thrilled to be his aunt!
My new nephew arrived. He was born today at 5:24PM and he weighs 6.9lbs.
My cousins son is Derris Lenard. :)
When I am back, I would like to come visit my cousin & take pictures!

Hope everyone went well I haven't talk much lately in my journal.

Take care,

Do It Yourself: Making of an extreme macro lens

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 14, 2011, 10:20 PM

Check this out!…
I've never seen this innovative home made extreme macro lens by Kwadwo Kwarte's

Hopefully Im able to do this sometime and Im curious about the results. This is going to be very interesting =)
I admire his inventions. Very innovative!

Features: Nature's Embrace

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 17, 2011, 4:25 PM

Some recent favorites. Thank you everyone for sharing the things of nature's beauty that you saw. I admire your skills & great eye on extreme close ups specially the bug's world.
I think I have newest obsession with macro. I need to save money to be able to realize this dream of mine & improve my macro skills(maybe my dream job). Hopefully I can purchase the Macro Ring Light and Twin Light, my future true love. :)
Lace of Dreams by DemonMathielSpring dream by LadyCarnalout of the blue by kyokosphotosTulip Pollen by KSMPhotographyPink.... by Engel-der-stadt:SNOW QUEEN: by onixaWinter Drops by AlliecCherry on Ice by naked-in-the-rainExtreme oOOo by Dark-Raptor:thumb49547314:Wazzup? by erezmarom:thumb39668970:Iris by baggy2525Ambient by RaBBiTKa"Bee hive photoshoot 2009" by macrojunkie:thumb186764919:Macro Kiwi by benterznameless macro. by julkusiowaP R O F I L E by Zanzaktulip macro by jakwakEye stock by MyBurningEyes:thumb38457442:Flower macro by royhoPopping Hoverfly by CedaCo:thumb94379289:Galaxy Scales by ewmKatydid at 3x by dalantech


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Inspire Me

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 20, 2011, 8:50 AM
Greetings fellow artists.

Sorry I didn't speak much lately. I would like to thank you all for being so sweet, & being non stop supportive of my work. You all deserve love & strings of friendships. Your good deeds will never be forgotten.

There's something sweet. I just stumbled upon my fellow artists that are utterly cute especially the tints of reds, pink / pastel colors filled with playfulness that awed me. I need some inspirations to refresh my mind & creativity.
Just wanted to share.

Okay, have some cookies & cupcakes for all of you. =]

Some recent favorites
Pink Rose 2 by Vixxybostckd tcps by SilentDistractionsCupcakes by hullabalo0Donut Bunny by aleksandracupcakeSleepy tiger by hoschiedisney-just simply marie by fantasistHappy Birthday Zoe by HoekKadoogen:thumb140327379:Fresh-baked Fuscia by ieatSTARSRose Water 1 by bittykate-- This is Me -- by AshleyxBrookePinkie by splendidofsunAmy Rose update by StarRagePleu in Pink by grace-notecute stuff by ourstars:thumb169408458:

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Give a warm welcome to 3 artists + other features

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 9, 2011, 8:16 AM
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Notable new friends/artists of the month. :)

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 25, 2010, 8:07 PM
I felt very blessed with my wonderful DAfriends in my heart. I wish I could meet with you all in person like devmeet. I must say you made my heart warm. And also, I would like to meet my new friends/watchers. Please give them a warm welcome. You can check their gallery. Thanks for sharing your great art with us! :)

Some amazing art by fellow artists:

.:Sunflower and Birch:. by Saib0rg:thumb174414088:.:Cerebral:. by Saib0rg by :iconsaib0rg:
She's very talented with fractals. A new lovely friend of mine that her expertise inspires me a lot. I wish I could create some fractals using apo. I couldn't resist with her stunning fractals. Very well executive work. She totally rock! Thanks for your support as well. I love your creativity!

: : . o r b . : : 4 by Royce-BarberSculpt1 by Royce-BarberGlassWeave by Royce-Barber by :iconroyce-barber:
Meet my fellow artist. He always bought me smile from his heart warming words.  I can hardly restrain his art especially  nature's embrace photoshoots. Not only I do love his work because he's sweet, decent, charming, & down to earth. Im very humbled with his praises filled with optimistic attitude.I admire his tremendous kindness & his glass art macro that touches my heart. My hats & roses are off to you.

:thumb177289789:Pentapaper by J1Star by :iconj1star:
Meet my new sweet friend of mine. She's very talented with vector arts. Feel free to check her gallery. Thanks for sharing your creativity. :)

Bright ladybug by dllavanerasColorful spotted beetle by dllavanerasAnt on flower by dllavaneras by :icondllavaneras:
His super macros are just made me speechless, yet "A king of insect macro". I never tiresome of his professional macro shots. Also, i think he's cool & calm & down to earth as well. He's very sweet. Thanks friend for sharing these. You totally rock.

Sunrise Pebbles II by Toast-MuncherSunrise Beach V by Toast-MuncherSea Rocks II by Toast-Muncher by :icontoast-muncher:
Cool friend of mine that she's lovely landscape photograper, a.k.a "Miss Calzone" (haha joke :P) I can hardly take my eyes of her blue landscape / waterscapes that she bought the joy & exuberance of my day. Not only i love her works, She always bought the smiles of my day. She's my best bud in DA online.:D Supportive & Sweet.

Little Rose by BlackDelphinOrange by BlackDelphin:thumb111110672: by :iconblackdelphin:
I do admire her wonderful still life drawings that made me awe. I do enjoy her intricate details. I do hope I could hear from you. Where are you? :hug: Hope all went well.

Blitz Logo by CBGINKDan's Jazz House Logo by CBGINK:thumb101900345: by :iconcbgink:
Meet my sweet fellow artist, CBGINK. His non stop support always made me smile even i didnt reply of his lovely words. He's smart friendly filled with love & optimism. I do I admire his creativity as well. Feel free to check his wonderful gallery. i thank thee ever so kindly with your thoughtful comments. :)

Next other new artists will be feature be continued. :hug:

Ode for everyone:
My heart goes out to your awesome expression of creativity,
like the objects in shades in the spectrum of reality.
A pool of sharing the work of art spreads joy and make our life whole,
together with our passion, we seek out our lovely artistic soul.

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Cute Kittens of the month + other cute features

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 17, 2010, 7:15 PM
I just truly adore some cute little miracles that they made me want to hug them dearly. Some cuteness overload, never grow old. Can hardly restrain myself. :D


Kittens by ZerseuPuss in Boots painting by MyBurningEyesAri I print by lovelawlesslyKitty in love by hoschieMarianne by elolittaKitten by La-Vita-a-BellaKittens by Plug-FoxMaine Coon kitten by Mr-GordonsKitten by BunnybunbunbuneeLet us sleep a bit longer, please by Yumizu-ChanBaby Kitty 2 by GeodeLadyRawr... by CarijaBlossom by wazabees:thumb164645626:First Born by ToygerCat..:: Playful days ::.. by Whimsical-Dreams:thumb137860925:My kittens by yukaichanFeline Intelligence by CedaCo:thumb158431386:


Some unforgettable cuteness overload & lovely portraits that i love: :heart: :blushes:
:thumb166654621:Rocker Pooh by ConfusedLittleKittyJammin' 1 by Royce-BarberCrumps and I by Toast-MuncherAn Infectious Way To Be by KnottyKeriSolir Swimming - day 12 by PlanetaryButterfly:thumb178242011:LOVE by abbyabbyabby58Totoro by BeardedRickDenisa by NineWhileNineZume Ninja Series 1 by Royce-BarberFox Shoot 2 by Thy-Foxhelene by JoGuge:thumb71563367:the smell of spring ... by MOSREDNAChibi Selene by Beka-Lyse


Thank you everyone for sharing some memorable artwork. Unforgettable sweetness.  :blowkiss:

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Feature # 16, Realm of Sweetness

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 23, 2010, 10:27 PM
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In a nutshell, "From caterpillar to butterfly

Journal Entry: Mon May 31, 2010, 10:25 PM
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Love and True Love? Whats the difference?

Journal Entry: Sat May 29, 2010, 11:22 PM
Let's face it & open our hearts. In general I completely understand about "love" is something that you give it away but I need to find out what true love is. Why true love is so rare? What are the characteristics? Ive never had a true guy in my whole life that matches my standards or levels and or my criterias, I admit myself that i am a smart aleck brat & picky. Im fairly easy to talk to to become friends. I love making friends but in serious relationship,.. NO!! Well Sorry you wont steal my heart for the for the 1st sight, i need to know the truth. Personality & positive energy is what im looking for.. It doesnt mean im pleading for love i just need to know why everyone are craving / need a special relationship. Sometimes some people they're just intruiged by their appearance such as sexuality perhaps their urges lol..It is really hard to express the actual love is..

And also age & appearnce doesnt matter looking for love. I dont care people who are rich or poor. Im looking for people's disposition & energy. Thats what true love chemistry happens can be rare. I need the truth.
People say that teens dont experience "love" only sexual attraction and emotional attachment although isnt that what adults have and feel?

Sorry for the rant & dont feel alluded to, rest assured, just my outlet. My journal was just my punch bag. I just dont let someone who just cheated or use me that seems to be scary.

Also, my silly question is it perfectly normal to lose the virginity & innocence? I was just curious. If yes, why? if no, why?

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Tagged - 10 things about me :)

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 21, 2010, 10:39 PM
Sorry im very late XD. So I have been tagged by my lovely friend :iconrabbitka: So here are the rules: (but im going to bend a rules a little)

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them and no tag backs.

10 things about me.

1. The activities I like to do is to spend my time with my little niece and my family, going to the park or movies & I love to visit any kind of museums / art gallery and doing things to help others.
2. My weaknesses are overcome my shyness, making speech in front of the audience or forum to open up and speak up when I need to speak up instead of speaking up at the wrong moments.
3. My strong points are that I am caring, loving, peace making, and I try to help people in their life with issues etc..., (sometimes im a bit stingy or cranky for some reason)
4. Im cheap, cheesy, geek, simple but creative thinker
5. I adore with scrapbooking, making cards, collecting stationaries and stickers. yet im obsessed with Jo -Anns / Hobby Lobby Store.
6. I make friends easily. I adore my DA friends, watchers, & my RL friends.
7. Sour from outside, sweet from inside. Sensitive but hoplessly romantic at heart & looking for sunrise.
8. I absolutely adore with gardening & making my own flower arrangement, especially the bouquet of roses that matches my personality.
9. Extremely modest, emotional, self controlled.
10. I smile a lot but not all the time XD.and my character changes depending upon situation hehehe.

Last but not the least i adore with shades of red except temperamental red. :)

I do not tag anyone,  but if you want, you can go ahead and fill in some random facts about yourself below at least 10.
That's all. :)

some recent favorites / features.
:thumb155887108:Rubik's Cube by theshmexyguywall puddle by JoGugePuss in Boots painting by MyBurningEyesIt's all within my hands by ConnarheaAngel Sketch by Beautasha5000 by RaBBiTKaafterburn by craigy87

PS: Belated Happy Sti. Patricks Day! :)

my sister :heart:

cutest artist alive:

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Notable friendly artists + Sparks of Success

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 7, 2010, 9:13 PM
Hello. Its been long time no speak everyone in ages. I thank thee everyone for sharing your thoughtful advice regarding coping my stress & hardworking and special thanks to: Viscuswalor, Whimsical-Dreams, DarkMage83 theshmexyguy CBGINKHarmonicSonic, VioletSky53 and my other lovely watchers even i didnt reply each personally.So i apologize with my previous rant & lack of feedback.
Finally I feel surprised that  my GD client's projects have been approved. Ive really never expect that happen, and i thought i didn't great job or failed.  I feel very blessed that my client was very pleased & was very happy with my work, i eventually found out to match their perceptions & standards. I see now my biggest passion, and my vision. I feel confident now because of you guys who gave me an encouragement & your support. Your wonderful deeds will never be forgotten, i promise i shall be proud myself & count my blessings. You all guys are considered as my good mentors especially my lovely sister :iconlalabower: i thank thee for your opportunity & encouragement. Thanks everyone for bearing with me.

Today I would like to feature some of my dear fellow deviant friends.  Not only i feature their work but these people are always make me smile even i was in grouchy mood. I hope i didnt being mean to others in accident :lol: Check their work as well.

:iconrabbitka: Envy by RaBBiTKaBlack Sun by RaBBiTKa She's high spirited and sweet lady in Slovenia that i meet her in online and she's very humble & supportive. I can tell that she's the queen of macro. Keep them coming. You rock girl! :)
:icontheshmexyguy:  Blurred Figures by theshmexyguy A love not meant to beWhy did you have to reject me like this
All that I wanted was to treasure that bliss
Which formed in between us throughout our time
And kept going on, until that damn “I’m”
Who in the world said that I couldn’t say
“Hey, I’m in love with you” and give a bouquet
To my special girl, who happened to like me
Just as a friend, but more is unlikely
Why haven’t I noticed this all along
You didn’t like me, but I thought I’m wrong
I thought that you just hid all of your love
Until I, your fair prince would come from above
You left me alone, all alone on the floor
After I said it, you slammed close the door
And after we haven’t been able to weave
That friendship we had despite all of our grief
That’s it, just like that, you left me alone
And tried to forget what you had already known
But I cried my eyes out because I just smelled
The bit of perfume that remained still withheld
And that fateful smell has driven me nuts
I smelled it until
A friend of mine that his expertise was 3d modeling & romantic poems that stole my heart, not just because i like his work but he is hopelessly romantic at heart and i adore his optimistic attitude that made me smile. I do not even know how much to say more? I think he's cheerful person & very honest.  Keep up the fantastic work as well.
:iconviscuswalor::thumb131225430::thumb135937810: My new friend from India, he's very sociable and hoplelsly romantic at heart as well, yet i considered to him as a good mentor. I never tiresome of your thoughtful advice & your encouragement even i didnt reply. He's very friendly person i know. Check his gallery as well.
:iconvioletsky53: Complication... by VioletSky53Kawaii, ne? by VioletSky53 My unforgetable cuteness and sweetness from bottom of her heart.
:icontimlasure: Winter Textures by TimLaSureThe Final Show by TimLaSure A great friend of mine that his professional landscape photos combination with flower macro always made me awe. Ive never tired with his nature photos(which is my favorite subject to forget all my stress & frustrations) I hope your wishes will come true and hope everything well. Im glad you came back :hug:
:iconcadydid: Flammeus by cadydidForsaken by cadydid My shy fellow friend, modest, sweet and she's fairly easy to talk to & she's hoplessly romantic at heart too. :) She got amazing breathtaking photos with macro. Keep them coming.
:iconwhimsical-dreams:..::Limetastic::.. by Whimsical-Dreams.:: Sweetest little rose ::. by Whimsical-Dreams  A rare talented deviant, a lovely senior deviant a new friend of mine that i met her at Thumbshare/Devart who always humble, compassionate and down to earth who made me blush, she adores the shades of pink combination of shades of red. Feel free to check her gallery. (which is my favorite color) too).
:iconcedaco: Variety by CedaCoFloral Fan by CedaCo A thoughtful, friendly photographer of mine that i met in online long time ago, yet soft hearted, I thank you for everything for the online friendship & your warm words always made me smile. Your good deeds will never forgotten.
:iconjcorbin:Mardi Gras by JCorbinKiss the Season by JCorbin great to see you. Welcome back to DA. Her fractals always made me awe & stunning. :hug:
:iconazieser:Rounded by azieserSolar Flair by azieser An old cyber friend oof mine who lived at Iowa, yet coolest friend in DA. Belated thanks for your non stop encouragement. And also can't take my eyes of his flower macros.
:iconaznboardergirl:Happy New Year by aznboardergirlDim Sum Plate by aznboardergirl A friend of mine who had great skills such as origami & food artisan crafts. She got lot of patience creating with magnificent crafts especially a tons of 1000 little cranes formed into 2010. She rock my socks off. And belated thanks for your thoughtful advice & warm words as well.
:iconillusionality: Between Breaths by illusionalityMelting Eyes by illusionality An ethusiastic friend of mine who lived at Netherlands. She's a bit mischievious but sweet. The mood on her traditional drawings are wonderful & subdued not too simple not too overly done, yet vintage'y and congratulations for a new camera. Im deeply impressed with her flower macro thus can't take my eyes off. Keep them posting. :)
:iconoliwr:leaf and don't return by oliwrtenderness by oliwr A friend of mine who lived at Germany. He's a congenial modest and he's fairly easy to talk to and calm person. His landscape & macros take my breath away. Keep up the good work.
:iconmustingel:Christmas Love present by mustingel4 Princesses by mustingel Her unforgetable sweetness. Sweetest deviant alive. Your lovely deeds will never be forgotten. Great drawings skills as well. :)
:icondeathhealer:Revamp by DeathHealerShifting course by DeathHealer My fellow "pinoy" deviant of mine a.k.a. filipino deviant that his point of view / meaningful comments always made me glad. Ive never tiresome of your non stop support. Thank you. And also he's very talented with Digital & Traditional meaningful drawings that catches my attention.Keep up the lovely burst of imagery. Great vision.
:iconrand0m-art: StockArt ._ by RanD0m-aRTAmber ._ by RanD0m-aRTGreat web designer that made me speechles. Very well executed & professional. She got  stunning landscapes as well, check them out.
:iconrardstar:Attentive by rardstarInto The Unknown by rardstar My fellow pinoy deviant friend of mine that he got wonderful bursts of harmonic macros especially the sunsetscapes. It makes me relaxing & enlightened though. Leep them coming. Belated thanks for your supoort.
:iconbear48:Psychedelic Shell color by bear48Fossil Cambered Nautilus by bear48 I thank thee for your never ending lovely support. He got great skills of watercolor paintings that inspires and cheers me. Hope everyone went well. :)